Vietnam - Spence Series: Launch - MCB Camp Pendleton

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Amtracs launch off Southern California on a training exercise. Crashing into the surf is an exciting and sometimes dangerous moment for an amtrac and its crew. The platoon commander is responsible for his crews and equipment. On the previous day while the landing fleet that had come up from San Diego waited offshore to load the amtracs for a landing exercise, Lt. Robert L. Spence, USMC platoon commander of these amtracs was concerned about worsening conditions that would make it dangerous for his crews and amtracs.

If the interval between waves was 3 seconds or less you did not launch and he saw the wave intervals were indeed less than 3 seconds. Over the boisterous queries of the senior Navy officers on the ships ("What is going on with that stupid ass lieutenant?") Bob decided it was too dangerous to launch. His concern was his Marines. The next day, seeing that the weather and seas had stabilized, he gave the order and this is that launch. MCP Camp Pendleton, 1967 - 1968.

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