San Clemente Chamber of Commerce Fiesta 2017

Gavin Arts

Graphic creations for special events; posters, collectibles and clothing from T-shirts to Hawaiian fabrics

Paul Gavin Fine Art

Paintings, lithographs, giclees, and prints spanning the career of Paul Gavin.

Fine art, travel, history, air shows, memories, ideas, exploration, creation. 

From the beginning, Gavin Arts has had a special relationship with the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces. We have posters, clothing, fine art, and notecards honoring the U.S. military, air shows, naval demonstrations, and related events.

Fine Art Originals and High Quality Prints

Commissions, inscriptions, dedications and custom framing are available upon request.

Designs by Gavin Fine Art & Design

Graphic creations for special events; posters, pins, clothing, t-shirts and Hawaiian fabric.