San Clemente All Stars

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San Clemente All Stars 
Paul Gavin, Oil on linen, 14" x 11", 2011

Paul Gavin found a special scene from the hill above the San Clemente Little League field. Here the San Clemente All Stars' bright red jerseys contrast beautifully with rich green grass all illuminated by the late afternoon sun. Camp Pendleton is in the distance and beyond that using a little artistic license is the Pacific Ocean. You can almost hear the ping of the aluminum bat striking the ball and seconds later the unmistakable smack when the fly ball hits the outfield glove. Y'er out!

This giclee is created to give you a top quality Paul Gavin image that can be framed with a pre-cut mat and ready made frame of your choosing from an Aaron Bros. or other ready made frame source. Like the canvas giclee, this piece is signed by the artist and if you wish, can also be inscribed to you or to someone else as a gift.