Vietnam - Spence Series: Amgrunts

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 Paul Gavin, Pen & Watercolor 2012

Amtrac Marines just outside the wire at Ocean View head towards DMZ to spot rounds to allow for quick artillery response to NVA rocket fire on the U.S. Navy Base and Camp Kistler at the mouth of the Cua Viet River to the south or NVA incursions into "Ocean View." The mission of the Ocean View Marines was to protect the TAOR (Tactical Area of Responsibility) from the Northeast corner of South Vietnam west to the point where Hwy 1 crossed into North Vietnam above Gio Lin at the DMZ on the Ben Hai River and south down to what the Marines called "Jones Creek" at the village of Dai Do on the Cua Viet River. (The Ben Hai River was the southern boundary of North Vietnam along the DMZ.) Then platoon CO 1Lt Robert Spence who commissioned these paintings is the second figure from the left (in the expanded view).

1968 - 1969.

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