EAA Oshkosh AirVenture Bug Identifier Pocket T-shirt

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Summer Oshkosh Bugs you love!

The EAA “Beetle Fleet” is one of the coolest and truly unique Oshkosh AirVenture special features and this Gavin Arts EAA “Bug Identifier” T-shirt tells their very interesting story.  At first glance funny and “cute”, these “Bugs” actually perform vital functions at AirVenture and just like real insects the “EAA Bug” colors identify what each one does.  Kimberleigh Gavin’s hand drawn 1970’s style limited edition 14-color screen printed “Bug Identifier” T-shirt is a tribute to these fun and historic Oshkosh originals.  It has the the entire current “Bug Colony” of 36 “VW Bugs”, 3 “Things” and one “Buggy” (40 in all)  in their unique color patterns all organized by departments and functions.  Their special “External Adaptive Features” are illustrated and there is also additional “Etymological” information about this world famous “EAA Bug Colony”.   With this design you can now identify every “EAA Bug” you see at AirVenture and know exactly what they do – and better appreciate the Summer Bugs of Oshkosh - and the people who drive them.