2014 “Retro” Oshkosh AirVenture T-shirt

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2014 Retro  “Spirit of Aviation”

Always on the cutting edge, EAA makes Experimental Aviation Art history! The 2014 AirVenture at Oshkosh is rendered in images and artful text in Kimberleigh Gavin’s first ever aviation event design using her Retro Classic 1960’s & 1970’s (depending how young you are) music poster inspired style.  Explore the 14-color screen-printed design; look for your group, favorite place or special Oshkosh activity. What to find? For starters Paul Poberezny’s red bug and “Thumbs Up” are clearly visible and the “Spirit of Aviation” gently blows “Paul 1” skyward with a kiss.  What else??  Find Amelia!… She’s there too!  Grab one of these beautiful first ever unique and limited edition shirts ASAP.  They sold out at the show.  These are the last remaining ones.