Build San Clemente

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Build San Clemente
Paul Gavin, Oil on canvas, 2006
4th Place, San Clemente's 2006 Paint San Clemente Plein Aire contest

Robertson Cement Company

Paul Gavin Fine ArtPaul painted this scene entirely on location during the 5 day 2006 "Paint San Clemente" Plein Air painting contest. Wearing a hard hat, he set up in front of one of two loading stations, and each time a truck was filled, Paul had to move aside as he was sitting where the trucks were cleaned and the load watered before they drove off.

While painting "Build San Clemente" Paul was reminded how much work and effort goes into things we all take for granted. Our patios, sidewalks, buildings and streets are constructed and maintained from materials these places supply all day, six days a week. Driving these trucks is a dusty and dangerous job. The loads are heavy, and the places the drivers take them require courage and skill. As the men and women of our Armed Forces protect our world, these construction heros build ours. Next time you pass a cement truck, give the driver a thumbs up.

This painting won fourth place in the contest full of sexy beach paintings — a tribute in part to Paul's skill, but more for those who inspired the painting.