San Clemente Ocean Fest 2001

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San Clemente Ocean Fest 2001 
Paul Gavin, Oil on canvas, 2001

Original oil on canvas, 30" x 24". Sold.

Custom sizes and framing available. Contact us for specifics.

Ocean Festival

Another beach event, the "ultimate view" for this event was from the roof of Fishermans Restaurant on the San Clemente Pier. Actually begun in 1995, this painting was not completed until 2001. This was due to a very busy painting schedule combined with the continually changing ideas on how to best handle this painting.

This is an annual event of lifeguard competitions, local surf contests, and other special events like the rubber duck race. The event's purpose is to raise money for scholarships and other charities.

While the other beach event paintings were more impressionistic, the challenge was to create more life and depth by adding more and more detail as the subjects got closer to the picture plane.

Thus this piece turned out to be a collection of many small beach scenes that could also be painted as their own images in the future.

When this painting was begun, there was actually more sand on the beach than is indicated. In an effort to break up the left side with water and activity, the tide line was moved towards the beach goers. Now the tide line has moved up under the Clock Tower Lifeguard Headquarters.